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Dark Side - Antisepticeye by maskman626
(This drawing belongs to maskman626)

(M/F) = Male or Female
(f/n) = Friend's Name
(y/n) = Your Name
(h/c) = Hair Color
(e/c) = Eye Color
(s/c) = Skin Color
(ft/in) = Height Ft and In

*Warning: This story has some blood and gore, some sad moments and cursing. If you are afraid of Blood and Gore, Readers Discretion is advised* *This story is based on maskman626's Darkiplier*

Darkiplier told us a task that we need to complete and the task is bringing 2 women in the house. I wasn't a 100% sure what was that for. We walked to the neighborhood and We saw 2 girls who are the same age and They're 26 years old, They have the same (h/c), same (e/c), same (s/c), and They have the same Height such as, (ft/in). What we didn't even know that they're twins, identical twins. We walked up to the girls and I said, "Hi, I'm (y/n) and this is my friend, (f/n). What are your names?" The first twin said, "I'm Lucy and This is my sister, Trucy. We're twin sisters." My friend, (f/n) thought that Lucy and Trucy might be the perfect girls for Dark and Anti. He/She said, "Would you like to see our new fathers?" and the twins replied, "Sure, We would love to see your new guardians. What happened to your parents?" and I replied, "They were killed at a car accident." and Lucy said, "Well, that's too bad. So anyway, Let's go see your new guardians, but Where can we find them?" And I replied, "They're from a mansion on a hill." The twins were confused until I asked them, "Can I borrow your phone?" and Lucy replied with kind words, "Sure thing, (y/n). Were you about to punch in the address so that we can head up to your home?" and I replied, "Yes." I typed down the address on Lucy's phone and The phone showed where Dark, Anti, (f/n), and I live. I showed the address to the twins and Trucy said, "Hmm, It's not that far, but Let's go. Hop onto our car and We'll drive you guys up there." We went inside of Lucy's and Trucy's car, Put on our seatbelts, and then Lucy drove us up to our home.

As We got to the place, The girls asked me, "What are your parents names?" and (f/n) replied, "Their names are Andrew and Drake." Lucy asked me, "Are they gay?" and I replied with a surprised look, "What?!! No! They're room mates and They're best friends." Lucy got out of the car first and checked to see if it's clear. Lucy shouted, "It's all clear, guys. You can come out now." We got out of the car and I asked Lucy, "Why were you checking out to see everything is clear?" and Lucy replied, "Because, I'm very protective just like my sister, Trucy and We don't want Darkiplier or Antisepticeye taking you or us away." (f/n) and I made a surprised look on the twins and (f/n) said, "What?!! How did you know?" and Trucy replied, "We looked at the news today and it said, "Darkiplier and Antisepticeye kidnapped 2 kids and killed one of the kid's parents." I didn't know that they knew that until now. I just thought to myself that the twins are very smart and They might be fans of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. We walked inside of the mansion and everything is so silent and no one was there, Until one hand picked up Lucy and Darkiplier possessed her with his powers. Trucy backed away slowly, and Anti scratched her back leaving a large wound, and then she died. Anti was about to feast on her, but He gauged out one of her (e/c) eyes and He puts in a green eyeball inside of her. She sprung up to life and said, "I will forever be your bride and my sister will be Dark's bride." (f/n) and I watched in horror and We were running away from Dark and Anti.

Darkiplier saw me and (f/n) running and said, "Wait, Guys!! Come back!!" He chased us and Said, "(y/n) and (f/n), I can explain all of this." and We shouted, "NEVER!!!" (f/n) and I ran to our bedrooms, locked the doors, and started crying at our beds. Dark came to my door, knocked on it, and said, "(y/n). Honey, Are you in there?" and I replied, "Go away, You murderer!!" Dark was sad that I said these words to him and he said, "(y/n), Don't say that. Please open the door." and I replied, "Well, I saw you murder people. You've killed my parents and the twins along with Anti!! (f/n) and I should've trusted you and your evil schemes!!!" Darkiplier called out Lucy and said, "Do you think it's best if we can confess with her together?" and Lucy replied, "Yes and What's wrong with (y/n)?" He replied, "He's/She's having a meltdown about what me and Anti did you and your sister." They teleported to my room and came close to me and said, "(y/n), There's no need for this behavior. I thought we agreed about you and (f/n) not leaving me. Lucy, Anti, Trucy, and I will be right here for you and (f/n)." and I wiped out my tears and said, "Why do you kill people all the time? If you want to kill me, then Make me into one of your dead victims." Lucy started to say with soothing nice words, "No, No, No. Dark and I will never do that, Honey. We're trying to look after you and We'll try to quit killing people and We promise." I glared at Dark and Lucy and said, "Really? Do you really mean it?" and Lucy replied, "Yes, We do. We'll do that for the sake of you and your friend, (f/n)." I gave them hugs, agreed with them, and said, "I'm so sorry for being mad at you." Darkiplier squeezed me and Lucy and said, "I'm sorry, I showed you something that Anti and I did to the twins." and I replied with a happy smile, "It's alright, I understand about what you do to people secretly and I promise not to tell anyone."

Anti and Trucy walked inside of (f/n)'s bedroom and Anti said, "Hey sweetie, (f/n)." (f/n) replied with crossed arms covering her eyes, "I'm not talking to you any more, because you and your friend are murderers." Those words hit Anti and Trucy like a brick. They looked at each other and nodded their heads meaning that they have to confess him/her with kind words. Trucy walked to (f/n) and said, "Sweetie, There's nothing to be scared of or get upset about something that Dark and Anti did. My sister and I will make you and (y/n) not look and We'll protect you. Anti and Dark will protect you, too. We're always here for you. You'll never run away or hide from us. We're here to raise you and (y/n) as our children and as our sons/daughters." (f/n) stopped looking away from Trucy and Anti and said, "You will?" Anti smiled at him/her and said, "Yes, my boy/girl. We'll do that for you. We promise that we'll quit killing people." (f/n) hugged Anti and said, "Thanks, guys. I'm so sorry, I was mad at you guys." Trucy replied, "It's ok. There's no need to be upset about something that we do secretly and We'll try to quit killing. We now all know that killing is an addiction like Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking Tobacco. So, Don't do killings, Drugs, Alcohol, or Smoking, (f/n)." (f/n) smiled at Trucy and Anti and said, "I will, Mother and Father." Trucy and Anti were adored about (f/n) said and then, They gave him/her more hugs. Trucy and Anti sang (f/n) to sleep and made him/her not have any nightmares. Before they closed the bedroom door, Trucy whispered, "Good night, (f/n). Sleep Tight. And Don't let the nightmares, or monsters, or any scary things bite." Anti closed the door and asked Trucy, "Hey Trucy, Can we check on (y/n) and Dark?" and Trucy replied, "Sure." They walked in to my room and saw Dark, Lucy, and I sleeping together on the bed. Anti and Trucy thought it was so cute, but it is.

They closed the bedroom door and thought that they might sleep with (f/n). They teleported to (f/n)'s room, lied down in bed, and cuddled up to (f/n) while He/She was sleeping. They all slept in peace and Everything worked out.

(To Be Continued in Chapter 5)
Hey guys, I'm sorry that it took so long to finish. I was busy with school and basketball practice. It's finally here. Hope you'll enjoy it and make sure you leave a comment and a favorite. Enjoy!

Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4: Here!
Chapter 5: Coming Soon!
cristalstarmochi Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist
Ohh interesting I thought Dark or Anti wouldn't feel anything, flashbacks maybe? keep it up <3
RoseOaksTheFurry Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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